James B. Allen

  • Visiting Bali, Indonesia
  • Nomadpreneur

Hello - I'm James B. Allen and I've been making my living online for the past ten years thanks to digital publishing. This has included (among other things) website design, direct response copywriting, affiliate marketing and online educational course development.

These skills have taken me around the world and allowed me to meet and work with many other like-minded entrepreneurs. I believe this group of people represents the new frontier of humanity - individuals who are taking advantage of the opportunity technology offers to break through boundaries and redefine traditional and limiting concepts of what we are "supposed" to do with our lives.

The term Nomadpreneur - coined by fellow globe-trotting entrepreneur and author Walt Goodridge - is one which I feel best encompasses this lifestyle I and those like me have created for ourselves. We have learned how to make location-independent livings thanks to the internet and related advances. This has given us the freedom to travel and explore the world while still being creative, productive and value-adding individuals.

With over a decade of experience, I'm in a unique position to show others how it's done. I have taught these skills online and in person at international seminars and workshops. I have enjoyed showing others how they too can tap into the power of digital publishing and online marketing to create the life they desire.

Although my main focus is on my own personal projects and travels these days, I still occasionally consult for private individuals, businesses and organizations. Reach out anytime if you have something tempting in mind or would just like to touch base.